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Eat to the skin glowing pink

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1 Eat to the skin glowing pink on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:17 pm

During pregnancy if the mother to pay attention to eating, your baby will then have a nice smooth white skin even slightly tan your skin.

Improvement of dark skin
Parents have a blackish skin, pregnancy can eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Because vitamin C works to prevent raw black pigmentation of the skin, this is easier to have children after the skin smooth and white.

Foods rich in vitamin C are tomatoes, grapes, tangerines, squash, onion, garlic, apples, pears ... fruits especially apples is best. Apples contain many vitamins and eat yogurt regularly can boost colors for color, not the smooth white skin, but also supplements for pregnant women with anemia.

Remove rough skin
If your skin rough parents, pregnant women should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, because the vitamin can protect skin cells, making skin smooth the child's later gloss. Food category include animal liver, eggs, milk, carrots, green vegetables, fruits, vegetable oil ...

Pay attention to your hair
If parents or early gray hair easy hair, mother during pregnancy can eat more foods rich in vitamin B, for example, lean meats, fish, animal liver, milk, dumplings, soy, eggs, corn and vegetables. This product can help improve quality for children, help with shiny black hair.
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