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children's film

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1 children's film on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:45 pm

Demand for children's movies are great but for years, Vietnam seems cinema ... indifferent to this category.

Summer film program at the National Cinema Centre (Hanoi) was opened on 26-5 and 15-7 last up to 6 films on "special" children. This is the movie in theaters nationwide in summer 2012 and are "sold out". Unfortunately, all six films come from Hollywood, films were actually "disappeared." Indifference to the children's film

In addition to six movies in the summer movie programs with the same class fare (30,000 VND / ticket) Xi Trum, Kungfu Panda 2, Alvin 3, Cat went HIA, Spirit lorax, Nhóc Nhicolas - which are very old movie blockbuster time over, the audience chatter still have more "good" to choose a new 3D version Madagascar 3, Brave 3D, Snow White and fellow hunters, double agent; the 4D movie: Space fanciful, spooky house , Robot Fighter ...

Diversity of genres and ways of expression, compelling content, the film tells not only on "special" own children but suitable for all ages should become the theater is a hit. These days, the screening rate for children at the National Cinema Center are "fighting" the ticket. This shows that demand for children's cinema and great children's film is "item" cash cow. So for years, but Vietnam seems cinema ... indifferent to this category, although the criteria for approval of both script and film have confirmed that children's priority themes.

What private sector participation is not necessary that the State must make money. In fact, two years ago also had a script approved by the State Children's financing and put into production. However, when the film was finished, the contents were no longer "children" anymore. Just because "no children", so when this film was shown for children to see at film festival The 17th Vietnam in Phu Yen held late last year, they have to panic screams as "close" many sex scenes. That was the case the film directed by her soul Nhue Giang Pham.

Speaking of this, director Vu Xuan Hung, Deputy Director of Vietnam television studios, production units soul mother, said: "The main character in short stories by Nguyen Huy soul mother of 2 kids cards. Adapted Screenplay by Pham Nhue Giang also made two child protagonists. Therefore, the council approved a new "resolution" for this script produced at the range ... Children's films. But then in the implementation process, did not understand how that pushed the director mother (played by Hong Anh) which is a side character on the character and spirit then ... has been "distorted" with frequency of more than 2 characters children. Not only sexy scenes, ideas, thoughts, behaviors ... This character's mother also really "wrong" to feel the audience chatter. So can not say this is the film for children ".

The paradox is that the script is approved subject but the film's children into adults, even ... sensitive topics, but from the directors, producers ... Council approval is not "whistle blowing" to see the licensing authorities have relaxed; the other hand, did not really interested in children's object as priority criteria in verification, pre-production for film .

"Ne" children's film
A Story of the scenes in the back of a dragon done taking inventory. Photos provided by crew

All sorts of difficult

Another reason is more fundamental scarcity to an alarming degree script writing for children. Trinh Thanh Nha writer explains: "For a film for children, the subject must have the script to ensure the quality of children. In fact, this is a subject most difficult writers are ... "Ne". The reason is that the hearts of all nature writers have "children" long, they do not take commitment and investment to find out what kids like, need, think and behave like a star with specific situations. Do not understand children, if any "forced" by the pen of his thinking "forced rejuvenation", the consequences are different shields forced "baby wearing" but reality is still "young authors".

According to Trinh Thanh Nha writer, long time, the launch phase compositions for children in the field of arts and culture in general and in particular film is in fact just "for fun". This needs to be restarted properly. This means that we perform as basically sociological investigation of cinematography with groups of children; watch movies for young children to self-review, dissecting; order giving directions to resolve the conflict, handle the situation as ... "Director" and organize the classes written for children with groups of children with the guidance of the professional writer. On the basis of good quality scripts, professional writers with authors chatter will build enough film scripts film quality.

Director Vu Xuan Hung said that another reason that the film director afraid to children because of the kind of movie actors are mostly amateurs, are at school age. Choose the role of actors, acting is not necessarily good family agree; and also to avoid learning time ... Making movies for children, cost of filming several times with adult film with professional actors, while budget is limited ... Directed by "problem", there is the script (there is also rare, do not talk to or) to film children "disappeared" is easy to understand.
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