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Children taking antibiotics prone to asthma

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1 Children taking antibiotics prone to asthma on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:19 pm

The widespread use of antibiotics may increase the incidence of asthma and severity of disease in children, a study by University of British Columbia (Canada) has revealed.

Research has shown that some antibiotics affect intestinal bacteria, the evidence also impact on asthma.

"The medical world has long speculated that infants exposed to antibiotics - as in the developed countries - they tend to be more allergic asthma," study author Brett Finlay, said. "Our study is the first experimental evidence suggests that to happen, how".

Intestines in the shelter of about 100 trillion bacteria, and store up to 1,000 bacteria. Although their role is not yet fully understood, but these bacteria are often useful role for the body.

To evaluate the effect of antibiotics on intestinal bacteria, the researchers gave mice using two antibiotics streptomycin and vancomycin is common - and then evaluating the change strains of bacteria and lead to is the body's sensitivity to asthma.

The researchers found, antibiotics streptomycin small to affect the bacterial strains as well as to asthma, while the antibiotic vancomycin to reduce the biodiversity of intestinal bacteria and increases the severity of diseases.

However, both types of antibiotics without causing any significant impact to adult mice, suggesting that early stage is very important to establish a healthy immune system.

"The activities of modern society, such as improved hygiene measures, or the widespread use of antibiotics, is the cause of the disappearance of many ancient bacteria in our stomach, and it can cause serious harm to a healthy immune system, "the authors write.

"Our study also coincides with the observed number of cases of asthma are not significantly increased in the developing countries, where antibiotics are less common, and vice versa, the bacterial sugar intestines were allowed to develop more fully, "he said.

Asthma affects over 100 million people worldwide, and its density increased an average of 50% every decade, especially in infants in industrialized countries.
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