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Teach children to "declare the disease"

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1 Teach children to "declare the disease" on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:18 pm

Wishes of parents and doctors when the child is sick can also indicate the pain, any discomfort.

Obviously difficult miracle to help a child open-walled coronary disease as adults, but if smart, methodical and patient enough, parents can give children complete (to speak out and had a capital know quite a bit) this skill the most fundamental level.

First of all, should start with class "anatomy". Image, with the main body young parents to help children recognize the difficulty, and limbs. Then elevate the stomach is located where, Where gums ... Completed grade school, to the body "modules" to recognize the symptoms: pain, burning, irritation, SNE, numbness, cold, heat, itching, nausea, vomiting ... After all the symptoms connected with the position (depending on the level of children, can continue to class "high school" as described in bouts or constant pain) ....

Avoid "he plugged her chin beard it," the parents should begin in children with symptoms. For example, a child's digestive disorders, only child know that feeling as "abdominal pain". Similarly, when children scratch the paint sauce on top for "buffalo dung", confirm that "itch" (not pain) and the location is "scalp" (not in the beginning).

That a child had the disease itchy skin tight short cry, pointing to her head and scream ... headache, do parents think a child chickened phen crisis is ... encephalitis. Make use doctors that ten games of all nine children towards child desires to become a wise patient.

It is difficult miracle to help a child open-walled coronary disease
as adults. (Artwork)

Accurate, careful, and not basic human delusion you will quickly become a ... "The first year students" still in diapers. Any medical mistakes, even the most rudimentary, can cause unpredictable consequences.

By effort and ingenuity, the parents certainly get rewards from hard work and love for their children. And "pupil" of you, your dear children, will have an advantage during the fight the disease, when he can show injury symptoms and their.

A sick child declaration where it would not hit that much benefit you get disability if she feared hospitals and "hates" the doctor. Therefore, parallel to the layers "of medical education," parents do not forget the psychology classes, help them much less aversion to wearing the blouse, with his less terrifying syringe.

Use every means from the game, television, movies help patients and clinicians together. Best is to help children see the hospital was a necessity of life children, even a chance to explore as possible.

Embark on what has the success, failure, even if you feel that can not afford, no one caught the parents should try to train their children. But if so, think about your child's bottom of the scene said: "Mommy, I have toothache" instead of rolling around, screaming, crying does not know where that was. Yoga for kids

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