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'Guess the patients' while children vomiting

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1 'Guess the patients' while children vomiting on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:18 pm

A common phenomenon with vomiting children vomiting is due to respiratory infections. Besides her cause vomiting, probably because children with milk allergies, pyloric stenosis, gastritis ...

Vomiting and diarrhea, mild fever
Possible causes are: stomach inflammation - one of the common stomach baby 6-24 months of age (or at any age). Gastritis can be caused by virus Rota, he easily passed from the other baby. According to statistics, up to four fifths of Rota virus-infected children under age 5.

The diarrhea and vomiting lasting 1-2 days or longer (3-5 days). In severe cases, the baby was hospitalized for fever and dehydration caused by diarrhea.

After the baby has stopped vomiting, can give her a few minutes teaspoons milk once, in an hour. Food and water make up liquid electrolyte is also good for children with diarrhea causing dehydration.

See that your doctor if severe diarrhea, prolonged baby dehydration (dry tongue or lips, reduced urine output, sunken fontanelle).

Vomiting after breastfeeding or bottle
Possible causes are: pyloric stenosis - The valve between the stomach and intestines to thicken. Normally, this valve has a width equivalent to a mechanical pencil, but when this valve thicken, it will be smaller. Stenosis can also make her vomit into hoses.

If babies vomit after feeding, you should seek early medical examination. Your doctor will check your baby and baby can be a simple surgery to widen the valve. Usually after 2 days of surgery, she can return home.

Vomiting associated rash
Possible causes are: If your child repeatedly vomiting after eating, with a rash around the mouth, neck, the knees or elbows, your baby may be allergic to formula or food like strawberry, chocolate, peanuts ...

Give your baby's doctor immediately if your baby swelling mouth. A severe allergic reaction can cause death if not little timely intervention.

To reduce the risk of allergies, you should be feeding your child when she was 6 months. Wait until they meet a new age fed cow's milk. Maybe ask your doctor about your baby time to eat certain dishes. When feeding a new food, so check the response for several days and then eat the other new.

Vomiting with blood
The cause may be due to: Instability in the stomach, such as stomach infection causing the blood vessels in the tissue that is broken or damaged in the stomach due to vomiting baby exertion.

Need for baby's doctor immediately if your child is vomiting with blood. Not to take any medication for children.

Vomited green gold
The cause may be due to: blue gold may be due to gallbladder, liver, excreted by birth defects or gastrointestinal tract, intestinal blockage or twisting meconium.

In this case, you should contact your child's doctor immediately because vomit is green gold emergencies. He may need surgery to correct the problem.

Vomiting accompanied by fever, often yelling screaming (with little) or a stiff neck (with a little more)

The reason may be because: Bacteria meningitis, brain infection. Hib vaccination should your baby to prevent meningitis.

Should your baby's doctor immediately if your child vomiting, fever, irritability or vomiting accompanied her stiff neck, headache.

Vomiting, severe abdominal pain accompanied
The cause may be due to: Appendicitis (more common in children over 10 years). Initially, slight pain around her navel. Then the pain moved to lower right abdomen. Without aid, the appendix bursts, poison will spread throughout the abdominal cavity, causing death. Yoga for kids

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