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Yoga for kids

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1 Yoga for kids on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:13 pm

Over the monitoring results show that Yoga is good for all ages including young children.

Because yoga helps strengthen and sustain endurance, flexibility for small children, can help children have a balance and ensure the complete physical lifelong children live in modern life also affected by the rush lifestyle, stress.

Indeed, as mentioned above: "When young children are yoga will help strengthen and maintain endurance, flexibility, and also can help children with a balance and ensure the complete physical last a lifetime. Yoga helps children to have a mood, develop teamwork skills, self-control. "

Helen Garabedian, author of the book "A small bit of Yoga: The posture helps babies sleep better, digest better and grow stronger" and said: "I can" mantra "of this small and it operates as follows: healthy babies - Transforms into a healthy child - Make it healthy adolescents - Turn into healthy adults. ".

Yoga suitable for all ages. Age children can begin practicing yoga is from 4-5 years old. However, the difficult yoga for children at this age because the age class that we often do not enjoy a certain long-term discipline and often a lack of focus in training. It is noteworthy features to create Yoga for infants must have been other movements with the movements of yoga for adults to fit the child.

If adult oriented yoga yoga to calm the infant towards the fun, attention, focus for the children because the exercises yoga for kids to impact the endocrine spirit .

Yoga for children mainly play activities, set by the position the image of such animals, trees, mountains and rivers, everything ... like the dog back, so back cat, butterfly world, that crow, like the turtle, so bow ... These exercises help children maintain healthy, supple at an early age. Postural movements by the animal or the natural blend into the exercises fun will help children relax and enjoy the exercise.

According to Didi Amrta, specialist teaching yoga and meditation for children, said: "For children who practice yoga need to focus the attention of the children, making them aware of the necessity of Yoga and guide them to perform some movements difficult for children to see and exciting challenge. Children need fun so needs to create a fun atmosphere, lively. "

In particular, yoga is good for mental retarded. Retarded mental yoga many times more difficult to develop a normal child but the effect may be seen very clearly. Retarded intellectual yoga in the period from 6 months to 1 year depending on the degree will help them improve the health situation significantly as weight gain, more flexibility, hygiene conscious body ... Children may not be the action set a precise but should not force young children to create comfortable and pleasure, the yoga practice to be effective ... nutrition for children - children in the hospital - children health

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