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The safety measures for children 0-1 years old

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In everyday life, children are hard to avoid the "crash" small, so we always make sure your baby is safe.

Sleep safe
If you choose to sleep with your child, you should note the following:

- Keep the blanket, pillow or anything else that can cover the head, face, baby, because if she would have to wrap suffocation.

- Ensure there is no wall between the bed and the distance to the child can not fall down.

- Never let children sleep alone in bed, avoid children from falling when awake.

- Do not hold when the child is sleeping, because bad habits will be formed to hold the new baby is sleeping.

- Do not swing children under 3 months old.

- Do not bring towels, the animals with fur, velvet blanket on the bed.

- No child should sleep on the mattress is too soft.

- It is for children 6 months and older own bed by: you can put your baby's bed near your bed.

This will reduce the danger to the baby and the baby could sleep near their parents, means every time you breastfeed.

The choice of sleeping with her or not is up to you. However, before deciding, you should consider very carefully to ensure safety for your baby's sleep.

Meal safety
Young children are prone to choking and breathing obstruction when swallowing or inserting objects into the mouth, nose. So, to prevent, parents should note:

- Do not just fit for breastfeeding while eating or lying down.

- If your child should choose a bottle of breast milk fake out just right, avoid choking the child.

- Have your child eat food cooked mollusks, bones and seeds are not mixed.

-For out of the reach of children easily swallowed objects such as coins, marbles, safety pins, buttons, fruit seeds, peanuts ...

- When eating flour, meal, then the child should not be leaning back and do not let kids laugh while eating, as this is easy choking, choking.

Have fun and move safely
0-1 age children are crawling stage, set to stand, sit and learn to walk so you should choose the following toys for children:

- These items can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

- These items can be separated out, because children can be swallowed, or inserted into the ear, nose.

- The object or wire to bare metal can cause hot, shocked.

- Lead Paint, or other material that can cause poisoning other (using colored pencils and crayons non-toxic).

- Keep out of reach of all the medicines, fragile items, a sharp edge or nose (knives, scissors, nail ...), items made of glass or too thin.

- Never let children near springs or hinges, because they can cause clamping fingers or hair caught on.

- Should wrap the corner table and noticed the table cloth in the house, because children should stick to a standing position, causing falls.

Help your child safety shower and toilet
- Do not leave water bowls available (bucket) in the bathroom, for toddlers and very easy to fall into and cause choking and suffocation.

- Make sure the bath to release wind.

- Make sure the bath water temperature moderate, not too hot and too cold.

Fill the water-bath for baby. If you use a bath, do so to the high water 5-7 cm.

- Only remove their clothing for the infant bath water ready. If your baby is too small, you can bathe your baby right in the office.

- Slowly put your baby in the bath, use a baby's head neck and arms. For she does not get cold, you should pour water on continuously during the baby shower.

- Use a mild soap to bathe your baby, avoid drying the skin. States with the baby palm of your hand or soft cloth bucket in the direction from top to bottom, from front to back.

- Particularly shampoo, you should use a soft cloth and wipe the shampoo used only 1 time / week.

- Use a soft cloth to wipe the baby. If the eyes are Sticky cotton is needed, only a small cotton ball to wipe an eye, not because it makes common wipe the infected eye and healthy condition will add long from her eyes.

- Cleaning the genitals of the child gently. With girls, wash from front to back, very careful when cleaning the sticky, interstitial. With boys more simple, just use soap and water is sufficient.

- After the bath, lift her up and put her right on towels to dry quickly, then the baby clothing. Hyperactive children

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