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Carefully proof "refrigerator addiction" summer days

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hot weather makes you always in a state of wasting water, cool as ice cream cravings map, ice, cold food to eat ... to dispel heat. But the fact is this harmful to the body a lot.

When frozen food

In summer, people prefer to eat fruit, drink beverages removed from the refrigerator, but for some people, especially children with weak digestive function, about half an hour after eating symptoms to appear stomach, may be more severe vomiting, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea leading to acute intestinal spasms.

You should know, the temperature in the intestines to facilitate digestion is 36 degrees C, while carrying food from the refrigerator were 2-8 degrees C, when the load on the body strong stomach stimulated by temperature is too low, the blood vessels, reducing blood flow, gastric secretions less ... lead to physiological dysfunction.

The simplest way to prevent this disease is no rush just take out food from the refrigerator, should be at room temperature 15-30 degrees C before use and should not eat too much, especially the elderly, young children, people with chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal disorders ...

Any food liquid

The intense heat of summer makes the body sweat a lot, dehydration, spleen and digestive function deteriorates, so breakfast and dinner instead of rice dishes or indigestible meat, broth or soup is not only solve the heat but also a good way nourish the body.

Some good soup for the summer as the lotus soup, green bean soup, black, lotus seed soup ...

Appropriate nutritional supplementation

- Summer to need more vitamin enhanced, such as eating more fresh fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, melons, peaches, pears ...

- Addition of water and inorganic salts. Note potassium supplements or by eating more soy beans, mushrooms. Or as bitter melon, watermelon, peaches, plums, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans ... heat is also very good food.

- To add protein, such as fish, lean meats, eggs, milk and beans ...

Add a little sour for the summer

Slightly acidic foods will help strengthen the digestive functions in the spleen and stomach. Eat plenty of tomatoes, apples have, kiwi ... to quench the thirst of the body.
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