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Feng Shui is not reasonable likely to cause headaches

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The placement, feng shui decor in your home if there is some irrational factors can also lead to headaches disease ...

A. Window near high voltage, transformers

Near the door you have the high-voltage power poles, transformers and even objects to, more or less cumbersome will affect the feng shui of the house, not conducive to the health of family members , as that can cause headaches.

For example, if the cylindrical high voltage, transformers in south-west of the house will affect the health of female family members even if the object is located in the northwest will affect the health of the male members, mainly cause migraine.

Two. The size of the door disproportionate

The have too many windows or doors and the size of the house windows disproportionate to the area, inversely proportional to the area to provide air flow and can cause adverse headache.

3. The door straight into bed projection

Bedroom door pointing to the bed will create air flow disadvantages, both affect the client's assets and affect health, especially cause headaches.

4. Using red light lamp

The red color of a bed is like fire, easy to make you psychologically unstable, or angry, nervous, very vulnerable, vulnerable to headaches.

Five. The ceiling is too low

The ceiling is too low is why family members feel uncomfortable uncomfortable mood. Ttheo time, easily cause headaches, than that is adversely affecting the property, the family business.

6. Abuse images, color

Many families have overused block color as well as decorative pictures for their homes but it also causes psychological effects of long term people prone diseases.
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