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Hyperactive children and children with hyperactivity reduction, noting any different?

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In hyperactive children, the mischievous deeds of which would be continuous and often intentional.

With the baby has a hyperactivity disorder Attention Deficit will often not adjust their behavior and this will affect all aspects of their lives.

A student "singularity" in class - do not pay attention lectures, or private conversations and disturb everyone around is due to hyperactivity syndrome Attention Deficit or just naughty? These are questions many parents, and experts said that if parents think their child may have increased their activities properly.

If a child from school is screaming and running around the house, no matter what. But if your child's teachers always complain that she does not concentrate in class and seemed to have no friends, then perhaps you should take me to the clinic.

Andrea Bilbow, president of support and information about the syndrome Attention Deficit Hyperactivity of England - where families have children with this syndrome - said the young Attention Deficit Hyperactivity is not the child unruly.

"It is a problem in the brain, which means that a child can not adjust behavior or their feelings, they do not experience withdrawal after his mistakes, not planning or organizing something and difficulties in short-term memory, "she said.

According to "only those who do not understand this new labeled 'naughty' for that baby."

Professor Tim Kendall - who oversees the compilation of guidelines for treatment of Syndrome Attention Deficit Hyperactivity National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, said, when parents or teachers in school feel difficulties in caring for and educating children, it's time for them to seek medical evaluation.

However, until now, scientists are still arguing about how to diagnose the syndrome Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and even cause it.

According to BBC, the latest research shows that this disease is related to genetics. In addition, the researchers said that children with this disease may also due to environmental problems.

Peter Hill, an expert on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Great Ormond Hospital, UK, said, caused by both genetics and environment, and environmental factors is essential.

Professor Kendall agrees with this and said that it would be wrong if only to look at genetic factors.

He warned: "This will comfort some people when they think 'Oh, that's not my fault, my daughter was born like it', but it is important to ensure these children treated really well. If people think it's just a biological problem they will just find biological solutions - drugs that are used. "

According to him, first, to try to help them control and adjust their behavior and the teachers help the children in learning at school, and only in severe cases, new drugs should be used. Yoga for kids

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