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Should the blood for the baby hair?

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1 Should the blood for the baby hair? on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:21 pm

Around this question, there are many mixed opinions given.

I have 'disabled' overly worried even the smallest things related to their children. Of course, the 'disability' which sometimes tormented me, made me frantic but that they also experience a very beneficial, because at least I will 'to prowl' to gather information and learn child care .

When a daughter is almost 3 months old, many people advised me to cut her hair to later blood black hair thicker. I wondered, as indeed had heard somewhere that should not cut her hair before she was 1 year old?

Advertise on I learned that:
In the Motherhood forum, around the question: 'Should I cut her hair for her blood? ", There are many mixed opinions given. Some people argue that you should cut your hair full of blood on the day of this month to the following she is not stubborn, disobedient. Conversely, some people express their opinions have to wait until the new hair cut immediately flipped her blood, prevent the baby from the cold, cold.

In fact, adults should pay attention to speed hair growth hair cut timing for the baby. Generally, do not cut the hair of infants under 1 year of age because this phase thin scalp vulnerable baby, after being cut if your hair will not grow within the skin to protect her head. But if her hair grow faster speeds, the mother can choose the time 'hair down' for her sooner, prevent the baby from itching, discomfort, because hair grows too dense.

In my opinion the regular hair cut will stimulate blood baby hair grow faster and darker. In fact, the faster it can grow, but not necessarily black, as this depends on genetically from parents.

Note when he cut hair for:
- Do not cut your hair when tired, unwell (even though she only has a cold or stomach pain).

- Remember: He is not patient enough for adults to have time trimming and editing for beautiful hair. So try to finish cutting her hair as quickly as possible.

- Many people believe that hair cut while she was sleeping easier because she does not know what happened but this just makes them nervous and irritable, the unfortunate wake. Therefore, it would cut her hair when she is awake and feel (such as after a nap when your baby up). Yoga for kids

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